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Engineered Plank

Our hand rubbed finish is truly what separates TPF Hardwood from most similar products on the market. Our finishes consist of a special formula of tung oil and resin that is hand blended to give wood a naturally beautiful, protective finish that preserves your floor while bringing out the richness of its color.

This same tung oil, pressed from the nut of the tung tree, was used by ancient Chinese to waterproof ships in the early 14th Century. Today it is still used to literally lock out water and damage to your floor from spills, including alcohol, coffee, tea and household chemicals.

Our special formula forms a protective finish that won't chip, peel, crack or wrinkle by permeating the woods surface to become part of the wood and resisting moisture, dirt, heat & cold. To add to our special formulas benefits touch ups can be done at any time without sanding down to the bear wood.

The combination of our true hand sculpting and this unique finish bring together the beauty and feel of richness in these timeless exotic hardwoods. With the finest line of wood sealers and finishes available our quality, value and reliability are indeed unique. The look is natural and the finish is superior.

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