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Solid Plank
Solid Plank

This 3/4 plank of solid wood, character grade lumber is hand planed and includes an oil base finish. We can also provide stair parts, grills, reducers and mouldings to match color and species.

Our custom solid plank orders include, but are not limited to, the options below. For more detailed information, feel free to click on your selected topic link in the sidebar.

Available Species

Brazilian Cherry, Hickory Pecan, White Oak, Santos Mahogany, Hard Maple and Black Walnut.


Light, Light Hewn, Light Scrape, Heavy Distress, Heavy Hewn and Heavy Scrape.


Edge options include Micro Bevel, Bevel, Distress and Heavy Distress.


Trim and molding are available in matching species and are designed to fit your personal preference.